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All in the Comic Book

Nov 22, 2017

The Family ends their "green series" by doing three episodes instead of four, clever lads. The Green Goblin is his name and syrup is his game. He loves it, can't get enough of the stuff. That's why he fights, to get more syrup. Now listen to the episode or piss off.

Jacie plays music

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Nov 15, 2017

The Family finds themselves in the middle of their "green series" talking about Poison Ivy.  The Dow Jones is the lowest it's been all month and I still can't find my lucky comb.

Music: Jacie

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Nov 8, 2017

This episode was a "Hulk Smash"! Kill me. It's the first of the "Greenies and Meanies" series and Boy! is the Family excited. Fascism works. Sushi the Cat makes various appearances and Jacie falls asleep. Don't believe your lawyer and always tip your wait staff.

Music: Jacie


Nov 2, 2017

This is it.... the last of our Halloween episodes for the year. It's a scary one, but it's a scary one. We talk about our favorite teenage witch, Sabrina Spellman

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